Happiness at Work

Photo: Unsplash.com

Photo: Unsplash.com

A recent Fast Company article by Mark Crowly suggests that "engagement is the holy grail of workplace satisfaction." But what drives engagement? And why should financial institutions care?

Crowly's work insists that companies interested in worker happiness, engagement and satisfaction should:

  1. Actively encourage social interaction
  2. Hire people with heart
  3. Maintain a 6:1 positive to negative communication ratio

I certainly agree with all three points. It's why we built gameFI's "Reward" and "Duel" functions, used game thinking to make work more rewarding, and centered all design around positive reinforcement.

...data now abounds showing that happy workers produce higher sales, perform better in leadership, and earn higher job performance ratings and pay. Study after study shows that feelings of happiness lead people to excel in their jobs.”
— Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage