Building a Culture of Engagement

Josh Bersin just published a very interesting article on LinkedIn today called Becoming Irresistible: A New Model for Employee Engagement.

Bersin laments some of the very things gameFI worries about in the workplace -- lack of employee engagement, employee disloyalty, aloofness on the part of employers with regards to workers' most pressing issues, etc. How, we wonder, can an organization engage the public if it cannot capture the full attention of its workforce? To build a culture of employee engagement, Bersin stresses that employers focus on: (1) redefining employee engagement; (2) finding new methods to continuously measure and track engagement; and (3) break down silos that hold only HR responsible for employee engagement.

Of the five elements Bersin introduces in his employee engagement model (meaningful work, hands-on management, positive work, growth opportunity, and trust in leadership), "Hands-on Management" stuck out as an interesting concept for financial institutions to consider. Are your goals clear (and are you measuring it in a fair/transparent way)? When you identify gaps in performance, are you coaching employees to make them better (as opposed to ridiculing them)? Are you investing in technology and education that will make managers better at what they do?

We built gameFI to help financial institutions drive better performance with improved feedback loops, focus on the metrics that matter most, and the fun that only game thinking can provide. Further, we give management insights into employee performance that they've never had access to, so employees will never be left wondering "how am I doing?," "what should I be doing?," and "who's going to help me get better?"

An engaged workforce is everyone's job. Let us know when you're ready to let gameFI to help.