gameFI Releases "Quizzes" Feature

We are happy to announce the release of "Quizzes." Quizzes combine two of gameFI's most popular features (Tracks and Scenarios) to make sure your employees have the knowledge they need to be successful, and that your management team has the insights needed to spot coaching and training opportunities.



gameFI's new Quiz feature improves employee performance by providing employees just-in-time-support they need to be successful in their monthly goals.

Quizzes package five (5) Scenarios with a Track, and is especially useful for future marketing campaigns, product introductions, and keeping up with the ever-changing regulatory market.



Tracks are a set of Challenges, or specific tasks, that employees complete to earn rewards. Tracks focus employees on the tasks that are in line with your leadership team’s strategic goals.

Tracks center around a typical goal or category, such as improving member service, driving cross sell, or promoting a new product.



Scenarios are short, real-time knowledge assessments that work with existing learning management systems by promoting retention of concepts taught in more formalized courses.

On the back-end, managers can see how employees are doing across concept categories, and can analyze, adjust, and redeploy in real time.