quizFI Overview

As the workplace has become infinitely more complex, so too has measuring and understanding employee knowledge. The old method of self- or facilitated-study, followed by a one-time exam probably never worked perfectly, but it was the most reliable ways training and HR teams had of measuring the impact of training programs and content retention. But what happens four, six, or twelve months from the training session? Should you assume employees still have the knowledge necessary to perform their jobs? Should you pull them away from their desks to train and test them again? If so, which topics should you cover? 

We developed quizFI to help! Save time, money, and hassle by testing knowledge on an on-going basis -- two minutes a day, five days a week. You'll know in real-time which employees need extra training, which employees need a high five, and which training programs may need some extra TLC. Even better - your employees will love it!

No more guessing about employee knowledge. It's time to know. It's time to quizFI!


Test Employee knowledge in 2 minutes/Day

A Scenario is a powerful way to make sure your employees have the knowledge they need to be successful. In 60-second sprints (twice/day) you can gain powerful insights into how effectively your training objectives are being met and be able to quickly identify training gaps that need to be addressed.


Quickly analyze Learning and Identify Training Gaps 

quizFI's robust Scenario Analytics helps you quickly analyze individual employees' knowledge, office-by-office results, performance by category, and performance by Scenario. Get real-time feedback with the intuitive Scenario of the Day functionality, and have a deep understanding of your knowledge program right away!

Customize to your Heart's ContenT

You need your knowledge and training systems to be adaptive as possible