Typical Project Plan

The following project plan should be used only as a sample.
Specific details are almost always different based on clients' custom needs.

People Key:

PL = Project Lead (Client)
BO = Business Owners (Client)
IT = Information Technology/Services (Client)
TR = Training Staff (Client)


Data Specs


1.1 Project Infrastructure (1-2 Days)

StepActionsEffort EstimateCalendar TimePeople
1Choose Project Team1/8 day1/8 dayPL
2Setup Basecamp Project1 day1 daygameFI
3Kickoff Meeting1/4 day1/4 dayBO, PL, TR

1.2 Project Team Training (2-5 Days)

StepActionsEffort EstimateCalendar TimePeople
1Basecamp Training1/8 day1 dayPL
2Metrics/Leaderboards Selection1/8 day1 dayIT, PL, BO
3gameFI Platform Training1/4 day1 dayTR, PL, BO
4Scenarios Training1/8 day1 day TR, PL
5Challenges/Goals Training1/8 day1 dayTR, PL

1.3 Performance/Engagement Baselines (1-5 Days)

StepActionsEffort EstimateCalendar TimePeople
1Pre-Launch Engagement Survey1/8 day1 dayPL, gameFI
2Post-Launch Performance Review1/8 day1 dayPL, gameFI

1.4 Platform Customization (15 Days)

StepActionsEffort EstimateCalendar TimePeople
1Setup Users1/2 day1 daygameFI
2Setup Data Streams2 days2 weeksIT, gameFI
3Create Scenario Content5 days3 weeksTR
4Create Challenges Content2 days2 weeksBO

1.5 Platform Testing (5-10 Days)

StepActionsEffort EstimateCalendar TimePeople
1Test Data Streams1 day1 weekPL, gameFI
2Validate Data2 days1 weekPL
3Test/Verify Scenarios Content1/2 day1 dayPL, gameFI
4Test/Verify Challenges Content1/2 day1 dayPL, gameFI

1.6 Participant Training (5 Days)

StepActionsEffort EstimateCalendar TimePeople
1Plan Participant Training1/4 day1 dayPL, TR
2aRemote Webinar Option2 days1 weekPL, gameFI
2bOn-site OptionVariable1 weekPL, gameFI

1.7 Launch/Monitoring (Ongoing)

StepActionsEffort EstimateCalendar TimePeople
1Launch Day Messaging1/8 day1/8 daygameFI
2Ongoing Maintenance and SupportVariableLength of PilotgameFI
3Weekly Progress Reports1/8 dayLength of PilotPL, gameFI

1.8 Evaluation (1 Day)

StepActionsEffort EstimateCalendar TimePeople
1Post-Launch Engagement Survey1/8 day1/8 dayPL, gameFI
2Post-Launch Performance Review1/8 day1/8 dayPL, BO

* Steps often get executed concurrently, meaning that the sum of task calendar times will far exceed the actual number of days needed.