Flat Market Across Leagues

For the last 5-6 years, the MLB, NFL, NBA, and the NHL have been witnessing flat to declining attendance figures year over year. These four leagues are not alone. It's happening in college sports and even motor-sports as well.Whether this is caused by fans choosing to watch games on the television due to convenience, the cost of tickets, or a loss of interest in professional sports in general, teams are working on ways to engage their fans through creative marketing and trying out new ways to motivate their sales teams. 

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Make work fun

Sports are fun and competitive, so why not make your employees' work the same? Gamified sales reps outperform their non-gamified peers 2-to-1 in annual revenue and far surpass them in deal size, closure rates, and conversation rates. By using competition to spur productivity and game mechanics to focus reps on tasks that truly move the needle, gameFI helps teams get more out of their people while making work more enjoyable.

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