Employee App Feature Videos



The Leaderboards showcase how players stack against each other based on specific metrics. Leaderboards are a great way to keep your employees competitive and




Your Profile in the gameFI system gives you a snapshot of how you are competing as a whole.





Scenarios are fun and challenging questions to test your knowledge of your company, industry, best practices and more.



Scenario of the Day

Scenarios of the Day are a great way to plan short busrts of training reinforcements to the entire organization.




Challenges give users the opportunity to grow in specific areas; specifically based on the Leaderboard metrics currently tracked in the gameFI platform




In the gameFI system, you can challenge your colleague to a duel, and earn some extra Coins in the process!





In the gameFI system, you can now invite your entire Organization to a week-long competition by throwing down the Gauntlet!




A Quiz is a 5-question training activity, designed to give you the tools you need to effectively coach and protect your members, and ultimately reach your performance goals in your monthly Track



Performance Section

The performance section on your personal profile page is your one stop shop for seeing how you're performing overall at your organization.




Rewarding employees or co-workers is a great way to acknowledge others for a job well done